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Professional builder's fees

Professional Builders of both residential and commercial structures should contact our office for specific pricing on all volume and commercial works. ACT Metropolitan Building Certifiers will provide a competitive written quote to assist with your project.

Residential building fees

ACT Metropolitan Building Certifiers maintain a competitive fee structure. Our fees represent value for money. We comprehensively cover the services required under the ACT Building Act 2004 and ensure a quality outcome. Government fees must also be paid unless the building work is exempt. The ACTPLA site contains information detailing what is, and is not, exempt work.


ACT Government fees are usually payable on building applications and approvals. These prices are directly dependant on the value of the project and are calculated based on standard costing information issued by the Government. The Building Certifier may collect the Government fees for submission with documentation or you may pay them direct to the Government and provide the Certifier with a copy of the reciept. Visit the ACTPLA site to learn more about the Government fees and processes.

Certification fees

Certification fees vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. These fees are for the provision of auditing and processing of the plans, including documentation and inspections of the building work. Please feel free to contact our staff for an indication of what fees may be applicable to your project. If you can email or drop off copies of the plans a certification fee quote can be provided.

General Information

ACT Government legislation requires that a Builing Certifier is engaged by the owner for most building work in the ACT. Some minor works are exempt. The Building Certifier's principle task is to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and other referenced documents. To find out more about the Government requirements a search of the ACT Planning and Land Authority web site is recommended. The Government also provides standard Forms.

The certification process assures the owner of the completed buildings compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Compliance is essential ensure public safety, building longevity and asset value.

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