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About Us

ACT Metropolitan Building Certifiers is the amalgamation of the skills of David McCulloch, Glenn Chambers and Ray Atkin. The consolidation of their individual companies has established a strong workforce with experience developed in a number of areas within the building sector. Consequently, our ability to maintain a strong site presence and ensure our clients are provided with an efficient and effective service is central to our success and fundamental to our plans for future development.

ACT Metropolitan Building Certifiers are Canberra's largest Building and Hydraulic Certification Company. With six licensed building certifiers we have the capacity and experience to provide you with a prompt and reliable service.

Our ability to meet client needs has resulted in our staff working on many of Canberra's iconic buildings. The company represents the amalgamation of skills from diverse areas within the construction industry. Our depth of knowledge and ability to meet the construction industries needs has ensured our strong presence in both residential and commercial construction markets.

The Company has grown consistently with its principle of adding value to all its projects. This has been achieved by working closely with both the design and construction teams. Our distinctive approach and experience has attracted Canberra's largest builders and developers. This approach has proven to provide best possible outcomes. Our distinctive approach has attracted some of Canberra's largest builders and developers.

Our name has been consistently associated with innovative and award winning buildings throughout the Canberra region.

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